PG Diploma in Health & Social Care Management



Purpose: To educate and develop leaders and managers  within health & social care. The programme aims to assist leaders and managers to plan, implement and sustain change  in the transformation of services.



Learning Outcomes

The overall aim of the Post-Graduate Diploma is to educate individuals as Health and Social Care leaders and managers, and thus to improve the quality of management as a profession.

The course adds value to first degrees, or professional qualifications and management experience by developing in individuals critical awareness and understanding of management and organisations and assisting them to take on effective leadership roles within Health & Social care.

The programme assists leaders / managers to plan and implement change against a backdrop of the reform and transformation agenda within Health & Social Care.

A wide range of recent government policy documents encapsulated under the Reform and Modernisation Agenda have informed the curriculum for the programme, incorporating strategies of performance management, tighter public scrutiny, increased service user involvement and developing new and innovated service delivery methods.  The new environment requires the development of highly qualified leaders, within Health and Social Care, to implement these major strategic drivers and the Post-Graduate Diploma has been redesigned with that context at the forefront.



Audience- Middle & Senior Managers throughout the public, private and voluntary HSC sector. This includes: clinicians and professionals with management responsibility, social work managers and managers throughout HSC support functions.

Entry Requirements— Applicants must hold a degree or equivalent or demonstrate their ability to undertake the course through prior experiential learning. In addition, applicants must have at least three years appropriate management experience, at Band 6 or above.


Course Content-The future environment requires the development of educated and reflective leaders and managers within health and social care.

The transformation of service delivery has informed the curriculum for the programme, incorporating topics on: service change and improvement, performance measurement, quality, managing resources, service user involvement, financial accountability, leadership development, succession planning and employee engagement.

The programme aims to develop leaders and managers who are equipped with knowledge, tools and approaches that will bring innovative improvements to their service area.


Approach: The programme incorporates access to an e-learning platform, core text books, support tutorials, a range of invited speakers and participation in action learning sets.

Learners are encouraged to think differently and develop creative new ways of working.

Sources of Funding - Students applying from HSC Trusts & Agencies (Core clients) may be funded partly through the Service Level Agreement with the HSC Leadership Centre, but must gain approval from within their organisation for this arrangement.

2MD places/£1,610 and £350 registration fee

  • “Places on the programme are limited and will be allocated on a first come/first served basis on the receipt of the application form.  A waiting list will be created.”


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