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Our Acumen programme for talented Directors recognises that the nature, scale and complexity of the challenges facing health and social care leaders is unprecedented and rapidly changing.

It partners with a range of world class providers to provide development opportunities that will enable greater complex 'thinking' agility and deliver measurable outcomes across our system.

The programme will be delivered over 12 months using a range of methods that would require just 9 days away from the workplace, building on the confidence of our Directors to deal with levels of challenge and complexity in our system.

Learning Outcomes

  • Personal & People Leadership-Improved understanding of self-your contribution and your personal leadership journey
  • Collaborative and Systems Leadership-Engaging with other system leaders to develop your networks and collaborative strategic alliances for better strategic outcomes
  • Enhanced Leadership Agility - Understanding the challenges of leadership in a VUCA environment and need to develop complex systems thinking that positions you to be comfortable with ambiguity.


Talented Directors and Medical Directors who wish to develop their 'leadership logic'

Newly appointed Directors and Medical Directors wishing to accelerate their 'growth mindset'

Directors and Medical Directors who wish to develop their confidence in leading across a complex system.


Your facilitators will help you with bespoke personal development planning, provide personalised feedback and support to accelerate your growth and fully exploit your learning on the programme.

Your learning community will provide a safe network and opportunity for peer support, challenge, feedback and growth.

Your personal coach will act as a thinking partner providing a safe environment in which you can explore key issues that may impact on your leadership journey, stretch you to develop a 'growth mindset' and maximise your impact within the system.

Your mentor will offer you the opportunity to discuss in a safe environment, your personal challenges and offer a supportive relationship where you can test your 'leadership'logic.


How will it be delivered?

Personal diagnostics

Leadership events

Six Core Modules

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Rapid Experiments for Transformation

Peer Support and Networks

Insight Visits

Leadership Inquiry

National and International Thought Leaders

Cohort 3 - Module dates

Introductory Day: TBC

Module 1: Personal leadership - TBC

Module 2: Systems leadership - TBC

Module 3: High performance culture -TBC

Module 4: Organisational resilience - TBC

Module 5: Business transformation - TBC


(Please note: It is anticipated that 2 Management Development places will come out of your 17/18 SLA and 2 Management Development places from your 17/18 SLA).


(Prices do not include VAT)

This is a modular programme containing Five Modules. You can see a list of dates and modules below. Please select the apply button beside the programme you are interested in.

Label Dates & Times Venue Administrator
ACUMEN Dates TBC - 2018 HSC Leadership Centre Patricia Bell