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This new regional programme has been designed specifically for Senior Managers (typically Band 7 to 8b) across the Health & Social Care System.

Aspiring leaders will engage in shared and cross cutting leadership development experiences.  It will provide an opportunity to explore and build collaboration accross a range of service areas.  The programme will focus on your personal leadership behaviours and your ability to lead your team to success.  You will explore your role in your organization and your influence across the wider system.

Learning Outcomes

Personal and People Leadership

Increase your emotional intelligence and awareness of your impact on others.  Engage with and build effective team-bases working

Collaborative and Systems leadership

Actively build your leadership profile and network, and challenge current systems to think beyond silos.

Improvement and Innovation Leadership

Use creative thinking skills to improve your service and performance outcomes.



  • Senior Managers across Health & Social Care (Typically Band 7 to 8b)
  • Managers looking to accelerate their development in the area of collaborative leadership.


  • Your facilitators will help you with personal development planning, providing ongoing personlised feedback and support.
  • Your action learning group will provide an opportunity for peer support, challenge and growth.
  • A personal coach will provide a safe environment to explore key issues which may impact on your leadership journey.
  • The HSC Knowledge Exchange gives you access to best practice, regional case studies, and links to a range of up to date resources.
  • A team improvement project, supported by an online discussion forum will enable you to make a real difference in your organization.


How will it be delivered?

Personal Assessments

Leadership Conversations

Core Modules

Delivery of a regional improvement project

Peer support




  • Personal & People Leadership
  • Group learning Activity
  • Collaborative & Systems Leadership
  • Improvement & Innovation Leadership
  • Group Learning Activity
  • Sharing Success Event

(Please note: 1 Management Development place will come out of your 16/17 SLA and 2 Management Development places from your 17/18 SLA)


(Prices do not include VAT)

There are currently no dates scheduled for this course, if you would like to submit an expression of interest please contact us.