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Proteus is the  HSC Leadership Centre's regional leading edge development programme for Assistant Directors, Co-Directors and Clinical Directors or equivalent  across health and social care. This newly designed programme is now in its third year, and based on the latest research in leadership behaviours.

Designed to be innovative, fresh and leading edge, Proteus builds on your existing leadership skills. It challenges you to think about your personal resilience for change; what high impact and collective leadership means for you; and what it takes to make confident decisions and engage effectively within and across organisational boundaries, given the strategic challenges facing the sector.



Learning Outcomes

The programme will explore and develop your understanding on thinking around:

  • Personal and People Leadership
  • Improvement and Innovation Leadership
  • Collaborative and Systems Leadership
  • Collective Leadership


Proteus is for Assistant Directors (8b to 8d) and Senior Clinicans (Clinical Directors and Clinical Leads)  from across health and social care



Proteus is a residential programme that may require work in the evenings.  The regional/improvement project will be conducted in teams throughout the duration of the programme, which will be presented before the final module.

This is a modular programme containing Five Modules. You can see a list of dates and modules below. Please select the apply button beside the programme you are interested in.

Label Dates & Times Venue Administrator
Proteus (September 2018)

Module 1: 2nd/3rd October 2018

Module 2: 28th/29th Nov 2018

Module 3: 23rd/24th Jan 2019

Module 4: 27th/28th March 2019

Module 5: 30th May 2019

** Please see brochure for further details**

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