MSc / Post Graduate Diploma in Business Improvement



The course recognises a need for organisations and their managers to become focused on the integration of quality and continuous improvement within their respective organisations. The course has been shaped and designed by leading academics and business leaders using the European Foundation Quality Model (EFQM) Excellence Model and the vision outlined in Quality 2020 as its inspiration. 

The course incorporates many approaches and methodologies including lHI Model for Improvement, lean, systems thinking, and continuous improvement to the objectives of quality improvement and transformation.  Importantly, the course recognises that excellent organisations value their people to ensure a mutually beneficial alignment of organisational and personal goals. 

In addition to learning improvement methods, students develop their leadership skills to support the leadership of change and quality improvement.


The application of knowledge and skills developed on this course delivers quantifiable results in organisations in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness.  This specialist Master’s course develops skills of financial decision-making and strategic thinking. The programme has kept pace with new innovations and developments in the area of quality improvement, business improvement and transformation and has supported many organisations with continuous improvement.


This is a fundamentally practical programme and the key educational aim of the course is to equip students to be operationally effective in leading improvement programmes that will result in measurable organisational performance improvement.

Costs: 2 MD places + £350 registration


£1,610/ year - if no SLA being used or self-financing

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Learning Outcomes


After each module students are set a practical assignment.  Students will conduct their assignments within the context of their own organisation.  This allows students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the subject area and also contributes practically to the organisations’ development and quality improvement activity. 


Entry Requirements

This course is primarily aimed at equipping students with skills so that they can improve the operational performance of an organisation.  The MSc Business Improvement can lead individuals into more strategic or senior positions within their organisation or into focused quality improvement positions for the first time.

Students are expected to have an honours degree.  However we also encourage applications from candidates who have extensive work experience but no formal academic qualifications.  Part-time students typically possess at least three years of work experience.  These students will be required to submit an additional piece of written information and required to attend a discussion with course tutors to assess suitability for the programme.



Delivery & Attendance

The course is delivered in 3 day “blocks”, one “block” for each module.  This allows students to become immersed in the subject areas as well as managing their time and supporting employers to release them over the period of the course.  Students will typically be required to attend up to 15 days per year.

Course Content

Students study a range of modules comprised of lectures, case studies and simulations to help them gain a practical understanding of a variety of quality improvement subject areas.  Teaching incorporates guest speakers from leading companies so students can learn from those who have implemented and managed business and quality improvement systems in their own respective organisations.


Modules taught on this programme include:

Year 1

1. Operational Excellence

2. Leadership and Change Management

3. Quality & Process Management


Year 2

1. Innovation Management

2. People Development & Involvement

3. Financial Decision-Making


Master’s option

1.  Strategy

2.  Business Transformation Project


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There are currently no dates scheduled for this course, if you would like to submit an expression of interest please contact us.