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Delivered by UNISON for Managers working in health and social care.

You are invited to attend bespoke training on how working in partnership with UNISON can:

·   Enhance service delivery

·   Improve health outcomes

·   Improve the working lives of staff

Learning Outcomes

HSC leadership centre would like to invite you to attend a “Time for Change” training session on Union/Employer Partnership. 

This session will enable you, as a manager, to be part of transformative way of working to:

  • enhance the delivery of health and social care services,
  • provide outcomes for patients, clients and other service users,
  • improve the working lives of staff through change intervention to improve their job satisfaction, health and well-being.



Time for Change - UNISON Employer Partnership Training

PROGRAMME, 10.00am - 3.30pm

  • Welcome
  • Working together
  • Introductions
  • Overview of why we are here
  • Activity One – Alien Exercise
  • Activity Two – Defining Teams – Part 1 & 2
    • Framing the Training
    • Defining Teams
    • Team Effectiveness
    • A model of effectiveness
    • Definition of a goal
    • Your goals
    • Team goals
    • SMART Goals
    • Goals for your team
  • Creating a Union / Management Partnership
    • Discussion purpose Vision  “Why do it”
    • What gets in the way
    • Our working agreement
  • Activity three  - Successful  Joint Work
    • What is your experienced of joint work?
    • What are some essentials  when working jointly
  • Levels of involvement between Union and Management Partners
  • Activity Four – Creating a Union / Employer Partnership
    • Agree what a “partnership” or “joint activity” means
    • Identify a project that you agree to work together on in an equal partnership
    • Clarify Expectations
  • Activity Five – How do we make it all work
    • Dancing not Wrestling
    • Standard Project Documents
    • Measurement Tools
  • Activity 6 – How do we sustain our wins?
  • Close and Evaluate


There are currently no dates scheduled for this course, if you would like to submit an expression of interest please contact us.