Mediation - Training for new mediators programme



To develop the skill set for mediation in the workplace.

‘Mediation is based on the principle of collaboration problem solving, with a focus on the future and rebuilding relations, rather than apportioning blame.’

Mediation is not a remedy for every situation where there is conflict in the workplace.  In some cases there is no choice but to use a formal approach.



Learning Outcomes

1. Understand conflict and associated behaviour.

2. Understand and apply conflict strategies.

3. Understand the process of two-party mediation

4. Understand the role of the mediator in conflict.

5. Understand objectives of initial assessment and case development.

6. Understand the philosophical and ethical dimension to conflict intervention.

7. Understand skills for assessing conflict situations.



Managers who may deal with conflict issues in the workplace to seek resolution.



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Mediation - Training for new mediators programme


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This is a modular programme containing Six Modules. You can see a list of dates and modules below. Please select the apply button beside the programme you are interested in.

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Module 1 - Day 1

Mod 1 - 10th Sept 2019

Mod 2 - 24th Sept 2019

Mod 3 - 1st Oct 2019

Mod 4 - 15th Oct 2019

Mod 5 - 5th Nov 2019

Mod 6- 19th Nov 2019

Mod 7 - 3rd Dec 2019

Mod 8 - 17th Dec 2019

Mod 9 - 7th Jan 2020

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