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Acumen is the HSC Leadership Centre's regional leading edge development opportunity for Directors, Medical Directors and Associate Medical Directors across health and social care.  This is now in its fifth year and is based on the latest research in leadership behaviours and contextualised for the strategic challenges facing our system.

Continually redesigned to be innovative, fresh and leading edge, Acumen builds on your existing leadership skills, supporting you to make confident strategic decisions and engage effectively within and across our system boundaries.  It challenges you to think about your personal resilience for transformation; what high impact and collective leadership means for you; and it provides opportunities to enhance your visibility, developing networks and communities of practice beyond Northern Ireland to include the other healthcare systems and public services.

It partners with a range of providers across the UK to provide stretch development opportunities that will enable system wide thinking and deliver measurable outcomes across our system.

Working with other talented leaders from across the HSC and wider public services, you will have an opportunity to stretch and challenge how you view, and perform in, your leadership role.  The perspectives of other industry leaders and collaboration on a 'live' regional community improvement venture will also form part of this holistic learning experience.


Learning Outcomes

The programme will explore and develop your understanding on thinking around:

  • Personal and People Leadership
  • Improvement and Innovation Leadership
  • Collaborative and Systems Leadership
  • Collective Leadership


Acumen is for Directors, Medical Directors and Associate Medical Directors from across health and social care and public services.

We know that organisations flourish and new ideas come when the workforce is diverse.  We also know that particular groups are underrepresented in senior leadership positions, and therefore encourage people from underrepresented backgrounds.


Due to the current pandemic we will ensure our programme is delivered as safe as possible using a blend of virtual and classroom learning.  There may be some work required in the evenings. A 'live' community improvement venture will be conducted in teams throughout the duration of the programme and the outcomes presented at the final event. 

We want to assure you that we are taking all necessary steps to make sure that your development days will be in an environment that we have made as safe as possible.  We have introduced risk assessments for all programmes where we have participants together in the same room, when we are not using a virtual approach.


How to get onboard

Register with us by using the ‘apply’ button on the Course Dates & Venues tab


Please ensure you contact your OWD/HR SLA Co-ordinator to register your application and ascertain how your organisation intends to fund and select participants for this programme.

Closing date for applications - 28th September 2020

Confirmation of a place on the programme will be made by your organisation in consultation with the Programme Director and you will be notified of the outcome before October  2020.

Please hold these dates in your calendar.

Cost of the programme is to be charged at 4 MD places or £3,692.00



(Prices do not include VAT)

This is a modular programme containing Six Modules. You can see a list of dates and modules below. Please select the apply button beside the programme you are interested in.

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  • 17 Nov 2020  (1.30pm -4pm)
  • 18 Nov  2020 (9.3am- 12.30pm)

Leading From Within                      

  • 14 & 15 Dec 2020

Executive Coaching 1                      

  • Dec 2020

Meta Challenge Exploration            

  • Dec 2020

Shared Systems Leadership            

  • 14th & 15th Jan 2021

Executive Coaching 2                       

  • Feb 2020

Business Transformation &  Sustainability      

  • 24th & 25th Mar 2021

Systems Leadership & Innovation                  

  • 22nd & 23rd April 2021

Executive Coaching 3                     

  •  May 2021    

Decision Making Under Pressure  

 & High Team Performance 

  • 10 & 11th June 2021    

Shared Learning Event             

  •  9th Sept 2021              

Zoom - Virtual Learning Session Pauline Atkinson