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Aspire is the HSC Leadership Centre’s regional leading edge development programme for Senior Managers across the Health and Social Care System.

Newly designed to be innovative, fresh and forward-thinking, Aspire builds on your existing leadership skills.  It challenges you to think about your personal resilience for change, what high impact and collective leadership means for you, and what it takes to make confident decisions and engage effectively within and across organisational boundaries.

Learning Outcomes

The programme will explore and develop your understanding on thinking around:

  • Personal and People Leadership
  • Improvement and Innovation Leadership
  • Collaborative and Systems Leadership
  • Collective Leadership


Aspire is for Senior Managers (Typically Band 7 to 8b) and clinicians (Consultants from across Health and Social Care)



Aspire will be delivered through a series of modules including one residential module. The identification and development of an innovative service project will be conducted in teams throughout the duration of the programme. Other aspects of the programme include individual and team coaching.

How to get onboard

Further information will be available soon.


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There are currently no dates scheduled for this course, if you would like to submit an expression of interest please contact us.