MSc / Post Graduate Diploma in Business Improvement



The MSc is a work based learning programme, where students will study improvement methodologies whilst  increasing their capacity to implement change and improvements across professional and organisational boundaries.  The programme provides an excellent platform for aspiring or substantive Senior Leaders and Managers to enchance and develop improvement and strategic leadership skills.

Learning Outcomes

Students will develop skills to help identify and explore problems and opportunities in order to deliver solutions that will ultimately improve our current health and social care system.  Sudents will learn how to utilise improvement tools whilst developing their strategic leadership skills.


Accreditation (if applicable)

Upon completation students will obtain a MSc in Business Improvement.  Completation after 1 year = Post Grad Certificate, Completion after 2 years Post Graduate Diplolma.


Aspiring or substantive Senior Leaders and Managers.


As a result of Covid-19 and social distancing requirements, we are intending to teach this course online until restrictions have eased.  Students will be taught using a range of methods such as online workshops, tutorials, self-directed study and discussion forums.


Cost of the programme is to be charged at 3 MD places or £2,874.00


(Prices do not include VAT)

There are currently no dates scheduled for this course, if you would like to submit an expression of interest please contact us.