Accelerated Management Development Programme



This regional development programme is aimed at newly appointed managers or existing managers who wish to further enhance their management capability.

The demands and pressures on managers continue to increase, while traditional leadership approaches and skill sets are not sufficient to thrive in this decade.  The programme will provide an opportunity to explore what it means to be a manager for today and into the future. The focus of this programme is on enhancing your knowledge, skills, expertise  and mindset, to cope with the challenges that adjusting to management brings and help you make a difference to the people, teams and services you lead.

This programme consists of an on-boarding sesion and 4 modules.  You will be supported with 2 coaching sessions with a Leadership Centre appointed coach.


Learning Outcomes


To equip participants in their first steps into management.  It offers support and learning to build personal resilience, confidence and capabilities which individuals can take back to the organisation.  Participants can apply new skills and work on improvement initiatives within their role.


This programme is for all employees who are new to management and are exploring what that means.  Whether you're new to health and social care, an aspiring manager at the start of your journey, or someone that has been in a management role for a few years and recognise you need some extra support, you're the perfect candidate.

(Bands 4-7)


We provide practical management skills training to empower participants in their role as managers.

On-boarding - half day

Welcome and introduction to the programme and a look at the challenges facing leaders and managers.

Module 1 - Leadership and Management Landscape (1 day)

We examine the practical application of Collective Leadership, the Healthcare Leadership Model, our Core Values, and the volatile world you work in.  We also help you explore the COVID recovery journey that will impact on the people and teams you manage.

Module 2 - Personal Leadership (1 Day)

We help you understand what you can do as a manager to improve your awareness of self and others, become more resilient, and manage yourself and your tasks more effectively.

Module 3 - Leading People and Teams (1 Day)

We look at how we can improve employee engagement and use influence and a coach approach to build and maintain more effective teams.

Module 4 - Managing Complexity (1 Day)

Our final module looks at the difficult situations and the associated conflict that can arise enabling you to have difficult conversations and resolve issues swiftly and efficiently with the best possible outcomes for all involved.  We also  explore how you can better lead and manage within your organisation


Programme Overview



The programme will be charged at 1 MD place or £958.00 for non SLA organisation participants.  Applicants should check with their Organisation/ Trust how their place will be funded before applying.


(Prices do not include VAT)

There are currently no dates scheduled for this course, if you would like to submit an expression of interest please contact us.