SAS Doctors and Dentists' Programme - Having Difficult Conversations



This two day course aims to support participants to engage well with conversations where there are sensitive or contentious issues, emotionally charged feelings, bullying behaviour or issues of performance.  It will also give participants techniques for instigating crucial conversations, articulating points of view at meetings, listening effectively to others and holding your own.  


 During the session we will consider language, personality traits and the role that different psychological approaches can have.  This is an interactive workshop which will use presentation, group exercises, discussion and pre-recorded role plays to facilitate learning in a virtual classroom environment.  Participants will get to work directly with actors to work through conversations they find challenging. . 


This course is limited to a maximum of 16 participants.

Learning Outcomes

  • Techniques for instigating crucial conversations
  • Understanding the role of personality in behaviours
  • Listening effectively to others and holding your own. 
  • De-escalating anger or hurt in a conversation.


GMC Capabilities

Domain 1 - Professional Values and Behaviours / Domain 2 - Communication & Interpersonal Skills.


This course is only open to SAS Doctors and Dentists working HSC Trusts and Agencies .


Virtual delivery via Zoom by Fidelma Carolan, Senior Consultant, HSC Leadership Centre.

Dates and Times

Dates and Times: 9.30am – 4.30pm (all sessions)

Cohort 1 - Mon 25 Oct & Tues 2 Nov 21.

Cohort 2 – Thurs 13 Jan  & Mon 17 Jan 22.


To apply go to Course Dates & Venues Tab and click 'Apply'.


This session is supported by the Department of Health.

There are currently no dates scheduled for this course, if you would like to submit an expression of interest please contact us.