HSCB Looking after our People: Reconnect, Reflect, Reimagine



These sessions support teams wishing to reflect on the impact of the COVID experience.  Teams are supported on a journey through 3 individual facilitated discussion sessions that last up to 2 hours each. 


During the Reconnect session, the emotional impact of the pandemic on our people is examined. 


In the Reflect session, the team's response to the pandemic is examined and the focus is on capturing what systems and processes were adapted to ensure services could be delivered. 


In the Reimagine session, the findings of the previous two sessions are considered to incorporate any learning which will support the development of a team 'Action Plan'.  The purpose of the 'Action Plan' is to help support the team move forward collectively.

Learning Outcomes

  • To reconnect with each other and our service.
  • To provide space for reflection and review our ways of working through the pandemic.
  • To develop a shared action plan that will help support us re-set our service.


This course is open to applications form HSCB staff only.


These sessions will be delivered from May to October 2021 and can be tailored to the needs of each team.  All x3 sessions can be conducted on x1 day, or the sessions can be delivered on different days.  While 2hrs per session is considered optimal to allow each area to be explored, session length can also be adaped to the requirements of each team.  These sessions can be delivered in person or via zoom.


For all enquiries in the first instance please contact the lead tutor at :



Please note:  To book a session please complete a HSCB Approval Request Form and forward this to the lead tutor (John) at the above email address.


There are currently no dates scheduled for this course, if you would like to submit an expression of interest please contact us.