HSCB - Coaching & Developing Our People (Coaching Champions)



The purpose of this programme is to develop a cadre of coaches with the enthusiasm and energy to promote and embed coaching as a culture across the organisation.  The programme will train participants as coaches against a recognised set of competencies and provide them with the skills to provide an internal coaching service within HSCB.  

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a coaching culture which will provide effective support for the development of others
  • Have a greater understanding of coaching and how it can improve both individual and team performance
  • Be able touse a range of coaching techniques to support leadership behaviours including decision making and managing performance 
  • Develop the ability through coaching practice to support others through organisational change 


HSCB Staff Only. 

Leaders across the organisation. 


The programme will be delivered remotely, however this will be reviewed based on COVID-19 regulations

This is a modular programme containing Five Modules. You can see a list of dates and modules below. Please select the apply button beside the programme you are interested in.

Label Dates & Times Venue Administrator
HSCB- Coaching Champions Welcome - 2nd Sept 21 (9:30-11:00am)

Module 1 - 10th Sept 21 (9:30-4:30pm)
Module 2 - 27th Oct 21  (9:30-4:30pm)
Module 3 - 24th Nov 21 (9:30-4:30pm)
Module 4 - 17th Dec 21 (9:30-4:30pm)
Module 5 - 21st Jan 22 (9:30-4:30pm)

Supervision Dates:
17th February 22 - (9:30-12:30pm)
23rd March 22 - (9:30-12:30pm)

Zoom - Virtual Learning Session Patricia Bell