HSCB - Growing and Developing our People: Team Based Working


Following the launch of HSC Learn we no longer accept applications through this website.

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We no longer accept applications through this website.


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Team Based Working provides teams with an approach and protected time to develop a culture of high performace, one based on good practice research which shows the direct link between effective team based working and improved individual and organisational outcomes.  The HSC Leadership Centre provides a coach approach to the team leader, equipping them with skills, tools and materials to work with their teams in 3 core stages:

  • Charter:   vision, purpose, objectives, development needs, role clarity.
  • Develop:  supporting processes, communication, decision making, team meetings,                                 constructive debate, relationship development.        
  • Sustain:   team review and collaboration with other team communities. 

Learning Outcomes

Team journeys will consist of a 3 stage approach, the aim of which is to develop high performance teams that:

  • Focus on shared outcomes. 
  • Have team identity and autonomy.
  • Have common objectives.
  • Are clear about their different roles (and their interdependence). 
  • Understand how they will work together to achieve shared objectives. 
  • Work with other teams to achieve a higher goals.
  • Meet regularly to review and improve performance.


HSCB Staff Only.  For all enquiries please contact the lead tutor: will.young@leadership.hscni.net


There are opportunities for up to 10 teams within the HSCB.  Teams will complete their journeys from September 2021 to March 2022.  The sessions can be delivered in person or via zoom.


A Leadership Centre Consultant will be aligned as the Team Coach and each team journey will be unique, therefore, there is not set number of days to complete the 3 phase approach.  All sessions are tailored to the needs and requirements of the team being coached.


During the Charter phase we typically introduce the Psychology of High Performing Teams including context and a model.  We examine Team Vision and Identify as well as Purpose, Operating Principles and Objectives.  We aim to support teams establish clarity of Roles and Responsibilites and help prepare them for the Develop phase.  

In the Develop phase, we further examine team processes and interpersonal team relationships to improve decision making, communication, engagement, confidence and an agreed behavourial code.


In the Sustain phase we support teams to develop a sustainability plan, and we continue to explore opportunities for developing relationships.  We also monitor the team climate and we encourage continuous improvement and strategic planning.  


To book a Team Based Working journey please complete a HSCB Approval Request Form and forward this to the lead tutor William Young. 


There are currently no dates scheduled for this course, if you would like to submit an expression of interest please contact us.