Aspire 22/23 (Nominations Only)



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Applications for Aspire are now open. Initial applications should be made to your line manager who will forward to your Trust / Organisation SLA Coordinator.

If you are successful you will be notified by your line manager and then you can apply by selecting the 'apply now' button  on the Course Dates & Venues tab to continue with the application process.

We particularly welcome applications from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues as they are currently under represented in our leadership programmes.


Aspire is the HSC Leadership Centre's regional leading edge development programme for Senior Managers across the Health and Social Care System.


Aspiring leaders will engage in shared and cross-cutting leadership development experiences.  It will provide an opportunity to explore and build collaboration across a range of service areas.


The programme has been designed to be innovative, fresh and forward-thinking.  Aspire builds on your existing leadership skills.  It will challenge you to think about what high impact and collective leadeship means for you and what it takes to make decisions and engage effectively within and across organisational boundaries.


Working with other leaders from across the HSC family, you will have an opportunity to stretch and challenge how you view and perform in your leadership role.  The perspectives of other industry leaders and collaboration on pitching for a project to obtain support from sensior decision makers, will also from part of this learning experience.

Learning Outcomes

The programme will explore and develop your understanding on thinking around:

  • Personal and People Leadership
  • Improvement and Innovation Leadership
  • Collaborative and Systems Leadership
  • Collective Leadership


Aspire is for Senior Managers (Typically Band 7 to 8b) and clinicians (Consultants from across Health and Social Care) and SAS Doctors and Dentists.


We know that organisations flourish and new ideas come when the workforce is diverse.  We also know that particular groups are underrepresented in senior leadership positions and therefore encourage people from underrepresented backgrounds to apply.


Aspire will run with three separate cohorts all starting with regional onboarding on 22nd September 2022 and will then follow the same programme but on different cohort dates.  A full breakdown of cohort dates is listed in the programme brochure (see link at top of page.)


Aspire will be a blend of classroom and virtual modules, that will require work outside of the programme modules.  You will be part of a small team that will undertake a regional improvement project throughout the duration of the programme, which will be presented as part of the final module.


How to get onboard

Register with us by using the ‘apply’ button on the Course Dates & Venues tab.

Please ensure you contact your OWD/HR SLA Co-ordinator to register your application and ascertain how your organisation intends to fund and select participants for this programme.


Closing date for applications - 8th August 2022

Confirmation of a place on the programme will be made by your organisation in consultation with the Programme Director and you will be notified of the outcome by your organisation.


Onboarding will take place on 22th September 2022.


Please view programme brochure for all programme dates and hold these in your calendar.


Cost of the programme is to be charged at 3 MD places or £2,874.00.

(Prices do not include VAT)


(Prices do not include VAT)

There are currently no dates scheduled for this course, if you would like to submit an expression of interest please contact us.