HROD Development Programme- Nominations Only



The aim of this development  programme will be to build and strengthen leadership capacity and maximise potential within the Human Resources’ and Organisational Development functions of HSC.

Learning Outcomes

The programme will be split into three modules & a final event, the areas covered include:

Module 1: (2 days)
CIPD Profession Map Overview
The importance of Health and Wellbeing and Self Care
Self Management 
Emotional Intelligence & EI Framework
Collective Leadership and HSC Values 
Having difficult conversations 
Leadership & Management 

Module 2: (2 days)
Leading Change and Change Models 
QI & Improvement Tools
Strategic Workforce Planning & Workforce analytics
Power, Influence & Negotiation

Module 3: (2 days) 
Employee Life Cycle 
New ways of working 
Equip and LMS
Evaluation and Evaluation Models
Outcomes Based Accountability 

Final Event:
Participants to present a service improvement idea based around the 5 priorities of HROD



Please note this is a nominations only programme.


Module based and showcase event 

Date and Times

Programme 1:

MODULE 1:19/10/2022- 9-30-16.30

MODULE 2: 21/10/2022-9.30-16.30

MODULE3: 21/11/2022-9.30-16.30

MODULE 4:28/11/2022-9.30-16.30

MODULE 5:31/01/2023-9.30-16.30

MODULE 6:09/02/2023-9.30-16.30

MODULE 7:28/02/2023-P.30-16.30




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There are currently no dates scheduled for this course, if you would like to submit an expression of interest please contact us.