Nurse & Midwife Development Programme.



The programme aims to support nursing and midwifery staff in bands 5 and 6 to develop their potential and take ownership of their own career development.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • examine longer term career options and personal development needs;
  • understand today's health and social services policy strategy and approaches;
  • build self confidence by considering a range of leadership thinking;
  • develop an understanding of management competence including working in teams, managing change and service improvement.   


Band's 5 and 6 Nurses and midwives working within health and social care.


Interactive lectures, group work, guest speakers, practical application.


This is a nominee only programme and is charged at 1 MD place through your organisation's SLA with the Leadership Centre.




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This is a modular programme containing Four Modules. You can see a list of dates and modules below. Please select the apply button beside the programme you are interested in.

Label Dates & Times Venue Administrator
Nurse & Midwife Development Programme 2021/22; Group 1 Module 1 -  9th & 10th September 2021
Module 2 -  7th & 8th October 2021
Module 3 - 11th & 12th November 2021
Module 4 -  2nd & 3rd December 2021
Zoom - Virtual Learning Session Patricia Bell
Nurse & Midwife Development Programme 2021/22: Group2 Module 1 - 5th & 6th Jan 22
Module 2 - 8th & 9th Feb 22
Module 3 - 9th & 10th Mar 22
Module 4 - 30th & 31st Mar 22
Zoom - Virtual Learning Session Patricia Bell