Frequently Asked Questions

Logging in/Password issues
  • I can't login to the site?

    - Have you registered? To log in to HSCNI Jobs you will need to have an account
    - Ensure the username is entered to login and not the email address linked to the account
    - If you have forgotten your username or password please follow the steps within “I have forgotten my password”
    - Login details from the earlier version of HSCRecruit, (before trusts moved to HRPTS and the new recruitment solution) will not work in the current version. A new registration will need to be created.

  • I have forgotten my password?

    1. On click on ‘Login to your account’.
    2. On the login page click on ‘Open login in full page’.
    3. Click on ‘Forgot your password?’.
    4. Enter your email address when requested (Leave user blank.)

    Note: Ensure email address entered is the one linked to your account. Ensure email address typed carefully with no spaces at the end/extra characters. Leave user blank.

    - You will receive a temporary password and your username to your email address (please ensure to check main email inbox, junk and spam folders etc).
    - This will be a PDF document containing your username along with a 40 character temporary password.
    - Input your user name on the login screen and copy and paste the temporary password into the password box and click “login”.
    - Only the 40 characters should be copied and pasted ensuring no spaces or extra characters (any extra characters over the 40 will cause an error).
    - This will take you to a new screen where you will paste the temporary password again as if it were your current password.
    - You will prompted to choose a new password.
    - When entering the password of your choice, ensure this contains a mixture of upper and lower case characters, a number and a special character.
    - You will need to enter your new password again to confirm it.

    If the system shows the error message "Password logon no longer possible - too many failed attempts", the self-reset option will still be available by following the steps above.

  • I followed the guidance in “I have forgotten my password” but it is not working/I did not receive a temporary password email

    If self- reset email is not received:

    - Ensure the email address entered is the one linked to your account and has been entered correctly
    - You will need to be able to access this email address to receive the password re-set email
    - All folders should be checked including junk/spam
    - Ensure your email provider allows emails from our recruitment system (
    - Please allow sufficient time for the password re-set email to arrive
    - If the email address was typed incorrectly at registration, the temporary password will not be received. You will need to contact candidate support via the online contact form who will be able to advise.

    If self-reset email is received but does not work:
    - Please ensure username is entered correctly
    - Please ensure only the 40 characters from the temporary password are copied and pasted i.e. no extra characters or spaces
    - Please ensure to enter the temporary 40 character password again when asked for current password
    - Ensure to choose a password that fits with the password convention

  • My password was sent but it has not reached my email inbox?

    Depending on the security settings of your email provider, the email containing your password may have gone into your junk folder. You should also ensure your email provider allows emails from our recruitment system. (

    Please allow at least 3 mins for the email to arrive. If it does not arrive, please use the online contact form on the website providing the email address linked to your account and your username if you know this.

  • I have entered an incorrect password when trying to login and the system says 'Too many failed attempts'.

    - The self-password option is still available
    - Please follow the steps contained in “I have forgotten my password”

  • I no longer have access to the email I registered with so am unable to use the “I forgot my password” guidance

    Due to GDPR regulations, we cannot reset a password unless we receive an email from the email address linked to the account.
    The 2 options available are:
    1. Gain access to the email account you originally registered with and follow the guidance within “I forgot my password”
    2. Create a new registration on the HSC Recruit website. There is no means of linking previous application data on other accounts with the new registration; unfortunately this information will be lost if candidates are unable to gain access to previous accounts.

    Note: If your eRecruitment account has an email address linked to it which you no longer use/have access to this should be amended once you gain access to your account. The email address should be amended in the “My profile” section of your eRecruitment account.

    If this is not amended, recruitment correspondence will continue to go to the old email address.

  • I wish to request a password re-set on behalf of another user

    - Due to GDPR regulations, we cannot take actions on another users account without their authorisation
    - The authorised user/owner of the account will need to contact us directly

Registration Issues
  • How do I register?

    A link to our registration page is located on our home page. You will be asked to input various important details including your name, email, a username and a password. Once successfully registered you should then use the username and password to login to the site.

  • What email address should I use to register?

    You should use a private email address to register on the system.

    This will ensure you have access to your previous applications and profile should you move jobs or need access to correspondence/password reset outside working hours.

    Note:The system will not allow the same email to be attached to multiple accounts. If you receive an error message stating the email address is already reserved this is due to one of the following:
    - The email address has already been used to create a registration. If you cannot remember the login details please email or use the online contact form.
    - The password convention has not been followed when choosing a password. Please re-try and ensure the password convention guidelines have been followed.
    - HSC Employees- Your HSC/Trust email address may be linked to HRPTS. As the eRecruitment website is a component of the HRPTS system, it will recognise the internal email address as already in use. Your work email address also should be reserved for any recruitment duties carried out for your Trust e.g. shortlisting. You will need to register again using a non-HSC email address and complete your profile again as an external candidate.

Completion of Candidate Profile Issues
  • Where can I enter my qualifications?

    There is no distinct section for qualifications; this is captured (if required) within the job specific questionnaire. There is also nowhere to attach a personal statement or C.V.

    The job specific questionnaire is normally within the section 4 – questionnaires, you will be asked to demonstrate how you meet the essential and desirable criteria as per the personnel specification.

  • How do I add and amend referees?

    When you log in to the website, go to your candidate profile.
    Then click on box number 3 “Referee Details” to display your current referees.
    From there you can add or edit the referee details.
    You can also delete a referee by clicking on the line until its highlighted blue and use the delete button.
    Click save and next.

  • How do I complete the residency section of my profile?

    In regards to immigration/residency queries, our remit only covers the following: Guidance on how to complete profile/application
    Therefore we can only provide guidance on how to complete this section and cannot provide advice on which option a candidate should select.
    Guidance on how to complete the residency/immigration section of the candidate profile below: (Note: this is a mandatory section which will need to be completed prior to submitting any applications)

    This section is available to view when logged in to your account. To add, edit or delete the information click on the line to highlight blue/select it.
    Use the buttons as appropriate to add new information, edit or delete what is already populated.

    Select appropriate nationality which will give you the available document types which can be used.
    If UK is the nationality selected, there are a number of options available within the document type list.
    Enter the relevant information in the box below and click the transfer button to save or the cancel button to cancel.
    The only passport option available is UK Passport and if this is selected as the document type, only a UK passport number should be entered in the box.

    If EEA or Swiss Nationals is the nationality selected, then the only document type available will be a Passport or National Identity card and the appropriate number should be entered in the box below along with the Country of Issue from the drop down menu.

    Click the transfer button to save or the cancel button to cancel.
    If Non-EEA Nationals is the nationality selected, there are a number of options avaialbe to select as the document type.
    Select the appropriate document type which you will be using.
    Once the document type has been selected, you will need to complete further information. This may be different depending on which document type is selected.

    Once complete, click the transfer button to save or the cancel button to cancel.

Application Issues
  • Can I use information from another application to complete my next application?

    Yes, if you have previously completed a profile the personal information will pull through to your application. Candidates are advised to ensure the personal information is up to date before submitting any applications.

    All parts of the questionnaire section and the cover letter (cover letter is only to state where you heard about the post) will need to be completed for each application.

  • Where can I add a personal statement or cover letter to my application?

    There is nowhere within the application process to add a personal statement.

    There is a section within the application named “Cover letter” but this is a field for adding information on how you heard about the post.

  • Can I change the details in my submitted application?

    No. Any changes to your application must be made prior to the closing time of the job advertisement.

  • How do I move through the various areas within the application process?

    To view different parts of the questionnaire, you can either click on the folder icon which will give you a drop down enabling you to go straight to a specific section by clicking or use the arrow to tab through each section.

  • I’m ready to submit my application but am receiving error messages

    Any errors or incomplete sections will prevent submission.
    These will be displayed as a red exclamation mark.
    You will need to go through the application again and ensure all mandatory sections are completed in full.
    These could include areas where something that does not apply to you needs to have an “N/A” entered in the box.

  • I’m having problems completing an application for a specific job

    To allow us to investigate the problem, please provide us with the following information via the candidate support contact form:

    - Job Title
    - Trust/Organisation
    - Band
    - Location
    - Job reference number

  • I can't remember exact dates for qualifications/registration etc.

    Please enter approximate dates in these instances but make sure these are as accurate as possible. If a date is pending, please input the expected date. Be aware some dates may be used for shortlisting purposes and in these instances the actual date of qualifications/registration must be accurate.

    Note:There is no specific section to enter all qualifications. These can be entered in the job specific questions within the questionnaire section if required.

  • How do I submit my job application?

    Once registered, you are advised to create your profile first. You are then able to search for jobs. When you wish to apply for a job, you will then be prompted to complete some additional information some of which is mandatory. You can do this in stages or all at one time and once you are satisfied that your application is complete you can submit your application. The system will time out after 120 minutes so it’s recommended to regularly save the application to prevent losing work.

    If you do not submit at that time you can return at a later stage and click on the incomplete job application in ‘My Applications’ within the 'Overview' section, this will bring up the job application form. Then click on the preview tab, if you are happy with your form you should select then submit within the preview section.

    Ensure all answer boxes in the questionnaire sections have an “N/A” entered in them if they do not apply. If not, errors will be displayed on the submission page preventing submission.

    Please refer to the applicant walkthrough guide for further information. For further assistance, please use the online contact form or email Note: It’s recommended to allow plenty of time to complete the application prior to the closing date. This allows plenty of time for any issues to be resolved.
    If you are still having problems submitting your application please refer to the help guide.

  • How can I be sure my application has been submitted?

    You will receive an automated email message acknowledging receipt of your application and the status of the application will be displayed as “In Process”.

    Depending on the security settings of your email provider, the email containing your password may have gone into your junk folder. You should also ensure your email provider allows emails from our new recruitment system. (

    If you still do not receive an email with confirmation of receipt, please email or use the online contact form

  • Withdrawing an application

    It is possible to withdraw an application in the “My applications” section of your profile by selecting the application and clicking the “Withdraw button”.

    If in draft, the application will be deleted from your list of applications. If already submitted, the status will change to “Withdrawn” but will remain in the list.

    Note:Once an application has been withdrawn, it cannot be submitted again. It also cannot be retrieved if withdrawn in error while still in draft.

  • I applied for a post which has now closed and I need a copy of the job spec/description

    Unfortunately once a post closes the full job specification/description becomes unavailable.
    Please contact with the full details of the post and location.
    It’s advisable when applying for a post to either print off the job spec or save a copy to your device for reference prior to the closing date as job specs are not available after this time.
    While posts are open, a copy of the job description/specification is available within the job posting under “Job Summary”.
    It is recommended to save/print a copy before the post closes as this becomes unavailable when a post has closed.

  • How can I edit an application I have already submitted?

    If you wish to go back and add to or amend an application after submission we would advise you to only do this if there is plenty of time before the closing date.

    Applications cannot be edited once submitted so the only way to do this is to withdraw your application. You will then need to start a fresh application for the same post and ensure to add the missing information.

    Note: Any information from this application will be lost when withdrawn. Any information you wish to use in the fresh application, particularly answers to how you meet the criteria should be pasted onto a blank word document. This can then be pasted into the fresh application form.

    N.B: The equal opportunities section is not mandatory and will not be used for shortlisting.

  • How can I access old applications?

    To view old applications, go to “My applications” within your account.

    You will see a list of all current and previous applications completed or in draft.

    To view an application, click on the post for the one you wish to view and it will highlight blue.

    At the bottom of the page the button “Continue/Display Application”

    Select this option and scroll down.

    At the bottom you will see “All questionnaires of the application”

    Choose which section you wish to view by clicking on it.

  • How do I know if my application has submitted?

    Please check the following:
    - Check your email inbox and junk items for an automated email confirming submission.
    - Check the status of the application is “In process”

    If there is no confirmation email and status doesn’t show as in process, please contact the recruitment team on who should be able to advise if your application has been received.

  • Can I apply for posts using the Employee Self-Service area of HRPTS?

    It is advisable that candidates apply for posts through the website rather than through HRPTS.

    This ensures candidates HSCNI email addresses are kept free for any future recruitment duties and also ensures notifications re receipt of application, interviews etc. can be received outside of the office.
    If you do not have an external HSC recruit account, registration will need to be completed on using an external email address (Hotmail, yahoo, BT etc.).

    Any queries regarding the HRPTS system should be directed to your own H.R dept.

  • I have applied for a post and not heard anything

    Please be reminded to continually check your email account for correspondence in relation to your application as all communication to candidates is shared via email details provided on application forms. Sufficient time should be allowed for shortlisting to take place.

    If you query is in regards to your application form being processed by Recruitment Shared Services, please contact 95362998 to speak to a recruiter who oversees the recruitment & selection activities.

  • Is there a character limit in the answer fields of the application?

    There is no character limit in the answer fields of the job specific questionnaire section.

    The system will allot as much memory/space as is required to store the answer/text entered by the candidate.

  • I would like to check my application before I submit it

    When the application is ready to submit, the file option below will be displayed containing a PDF.
    This is a short preview of your application and does not display the job specific questions and answers.
    If you wish to review your full application before submitting, do not click on the “Send Application Now” button at this point.
    To review the full application, click on “My Applications” within the overview section.
    Click on the relevant post until it is highlighted blue.
    The buttons below will become available; click the “Print/Preview” button.
    Once you are ready to submit, return to “My Applications” and follow the previous guidance to select the relevant post.

    This time choose the option to “Continue/Display Application” where you can tab through the sections and either add/edit your answers or submit your application by clicking the “Send Application Now” button.

Other Issues
  • What queries does eRecruitment candidate support cover?

    We only deal with eRecruitment queries as per below:

    - Passwords
    - Browser or device compatibility
    - Username/Registration
    - Guidance on how to complete profile/application
    - Application submission issues

    Unfortunately we cannot advise on training courses, when jobs are going to be advertised or any non eRecruitment system queries.

  • How can I find out what position I am on the waiting list?

    If your query relates to requesting your position on the waiting list, please email

  • I am interested in the graduate intern scheme, how can I get more information?

    For further information on the Graduate/Intern scheme please visit the website via the following link:

    Unfortunately, we do not hold a list of future dates. Please check back regularly to this website.

  • How will I receive correspondence about my application?

    If you submit an online application ALL correspondence will be via the email address you entered at registration. This can be changed by editing the email address field in your profile. You should ensure you have access and regularly check this account including the junk folder for any communication regarding your application.

    If you submit a manual application form, and it contains details of your email address, ALL correspondence will be sent to this address. It is therefore your responsibility to regularly check your emails, including the junk folder for communication regarding your application. If you have not provided an email address on a manual application form, all correspondence will be issued in writing to the postal address provided.

  • I cannot find a job on your site as advertised in the press/another website?

    Please re-try searching for the job through each of the relevant search criteria present.
    You should contact the HR department of the organisation responsible for the job if you still cannot find the job you are looking for.

    If you do not have the contact details for the HR department, you can telephone the Trust/Organisations main switchboard and request to be put through.

  • I have a query about a post advertised on your site

    Any queries regarding job description, location, contract type, interview dates, application progression etc. should be directed to the HR department of the organisation responsible for the job.

    If you do not have the contact details for the HR department, you can telephone the Trust/Organisations main switchboard and request to be put through.

  • If I submit an application or complete a profile via the website will I see this if I login via the HSC HRPTS Portal and vice versa?

    No, these are separate. We recommend all applicants including HSC employees apply for jobs using this site rather than their Employee Self Service (ESS) portal.

  • How do I apply using a printed application form?

    HSC are considering phasing out the use of printed/posted applications. The following organisations now accept online applications only:
    - Business Services Organisation
    - Health and Social Care Board
    - Northern Ireland Guardian Ad Litem Agency
    - Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council
    - Northern Ireland Social Care Council
    - Patient Client Council
    - Public Health Agency
    - Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority

    Note: For those Trusts still accepting manual applications, these must be posted or hand delivered to recruitment. Therefore, plenty of time prior to the closing date should be allocated for completion & delivery.

  • There is no spell check option in the job specific section of the application, how do I check spelling?

    Answers can be typed up first in a word document which can be checked for spelling errors.
    The answers can then be copied from the word document and pasted into the relevant answer field on the application.

    Note: The option to right click with the mouse to copy and paste will not work. Select the relevant information you want to paste first. Once it is selected, press ctrl and c keys together to copy. Click in the answer field you wish to paste to then click ctrl and v.

  • I want to type my answers on a word document then copy and paste them into my application. Is it possible to right click and paste into the answer fields?

    It is possible to copy and paste using the ctrl key on your keyboard.

    Select the text in word that you wish to copy, once all selected press the ctrl and c keys on your keyboard together.

    Click into the field you wish to paste into and press the ctrl and v keys on your keyboard together to paste the information.

  • I have a disability and need additional advice about my application?

    Please contact our team via the help section where we can deal with your query or introduce you to a contact at the relevant HSC Organisation.

  • How do I locate the job description/specification once a post has closed?

    Job descriptions/specifications are not available on the site once a post has closed. Candidates are recommended to print out or save a copy of this at the point of applying. If you require a copy of this after a post has closed, you should contact helpdesk support for assistance through the online contact form.

Helpdesk support

If your query has not been answered using our FAQ's, please contact us using the form below: