Consultancy Services


Consultancy Services

Health & Social care organisations continue to respond to a very challenging modernisation agenda. There is a strong focus on performance and high expectations of managers to succeed. Managers and teams are adapting to changing roles and the challenges this presents. Coaching is a tool to improve individual, team and organisational performance. It contributes to a culture of openness and is recognised by Investors in People as best practice in managerial effectiveness.

Anyone who wishes to develop their personal or professional leadership, management and team skills in order to deliver the outcomes of a challenging healthcare environment, can benefit from coaching or the use of coaching skills at work. We provide a range of coaching services to support the development of a coaching culture at different levels within health and care. There are five types of coaching intervention each of which is briefly described below.

Individual 1:1 coaching: The focus is on a one to one basis and the process is voluntary and confidential. A typical coaching intervention could involve up to three coaching sessions over a period of up to six months.

Team coaching: The aim of team coaching is to ensure that the team works to its full potential and the coach is there to help the team draw as fully as possible on its own resources.

Transition coaching:
Transition coaching offers new leaders focused support during their first months in the role.

Group mentoring: This is a bespoke service offered to enhance the effectiveness of groups and their processes.

Coaching Skills Development for managers: Coaching is an essential managerial skill. The Leadership Centre offers ILM Level 3 & 5 awards.